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Maurice Kimball



Each day of a child's imagination is a single page in the story of a child's life.
Footprints of Dinoville is a work in progress children's book I'm hoping to release soon.

Dinoville, a charming village inhabited by friendly dinosaurs, exists in the imaginative reality of a small boy named Little Maurice.  A precocious child, Little Maurice blends his eagerness to grow up with his desire to live in his imagination.  He believes himself to be strong and capable.  It is with great confidence he tackles adult problems in his own childlike way.  Each of the dinosaurs he meets during his adventures personifies human characteristics and struggles that relate to a child’s life.  As the stories unfold, Little Maurice discovers he can make the biggest impression in Dinoville and in reality by staying true to his childhood perspective of the world.  In a modern age that fast tracks children to adulthood, the stories of Dinoville are a literal step back in time that encourages children to enjoy their unique outlook on life.

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