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Maurice Kimball




“Deep down below the hollow echoes of musty damp breath and misty song air 


Shattered wishing stones tossed beyond the black howling scare


Lies the reaping sounds of clanking, jingles of tattered threads sewing


filling sandbags of time


Very little seen, very little showing


Sowed seeds planted within a captive nativity shell


Ready to be harvested the Gothies dwell”​

- Maurice

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We entertain your waking, sleeping mind

Playing music to create your bending time


A shadowy memory from yesterday

Living in the underworld ready to obey


Streyas will reap what they sow 

Sleep tight and enjoy the show


You may never want to wake up again 

But unless you’ve dead…

Your time for now will come to an end.

- Maurice



Dark shadow bending time

Mirrored waters forgetful mind


Dark hate fuels my path

Hazy existence cannot gasp


Torment is worst then black death

shadows can’t remember last breath


Music jolts to blinding light 

Lores away my lost fright 


GOTHIES whisper tunes of their intent

Follow the sounds of a new friend 


Screeching gothic scream breaks the delight

The dark sounds shatters my blinding sight 


I am… Fiend

- Maurice

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